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Několik programátorských pozic v Melown Technologies (Praha)

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Melown Technologies

Pražská společnost Melown Technologies hledá několik kolegů na různé programátorské pozice:
Computer Vision Developer (C++)
You are a senior C++ developer with an interest in applied math who seeks a challenging project. Our state of the art structure-from-motion pipeline for processing 2D images into 3D models offers countless creative opportunities for advanced engineering. We are looking for the best.

System Administrator (UNIX/Linux)
Your responsibility will be to plan, build and operate a Linux cluster of computational nodes with a large network data storage. The main goal is to maintain the cluster at its peak performance and minimize downtime. Nodes will be managed by you from hardware and OS perspective.

Photogrammetric System Operator
Your responsibility will be to operate a distributed photogrammetric software. You will schedule processing, oversee the progress and evaluate results. You will organize the data storage, work with a MySQL database, simplify your work using scripts and design workflow optimizations. You will encounter GIS tools like QGIS, GDAL or Proj4.

Senior System Developer

We are looking for a senior C++ developer/programmer with min. 3 years of experience in system programming and algorithmic optimizations, with perfect knowledge of Linux systems and a passion for challenging tasks.



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