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Evropská LiDAR konference v Rakousku

Pokud Vás zajímá problematika laserového skenování, je následující konference ideální příležitost pro Vás. Informace necháváme v originální podobě (anglicky), protože celá konference bude také probíhat v angličtině.

European LiDAR Mapping Forum Launch 2011 Conference Programme. The organisers of the 2nd European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) to be held in Salzburg, Austria from November 29-30, have today launched the 2011 programme. The programme promotes a truly international theme where speakers in the international LIDAR community represent nearly 20 countries from all over the world: UAE, Russia, Australia, USA, Canada and several European countries including Hungary, Poland, Denmark and Belgium.

With over 80 abstracts submitted following the Call for Papers, the committee were tasked with selecting a varied, high quality, topical and interesting programme.  And with papers entitled ‚Terrestrial Laserscanning & 3D visualisation of the largest ice cave on Earth‘, ‚LIDAR Scanning the Equatorial jungle of Central Africa‘, ‚Monitoring the outmost islands of Indonesia using Airborne LIDAR Bathymetry‘ and ‚Mobile Laser Scanning – railway data collection and automated feature extraction‘ they have achieved just that.

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