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Přihlaste svůj příspěvek na FOSS4G-CEE

O tom, že historicky první konference FOSS4G ve střední Evropě se bude konat v Praze jsme již psali, nyní můžete přihlásit svůj příspěvek na tuto prestižní konferenci. Na konferenci budou 3 hlavní formáty příspěvků – klasické prezentace (5 či 30 minut), workshopy (1,5 – 3 hodiny) a tutorialy (1,5 hodiny). Více informací nabízí popis organizátorů. Více informací můžete naleznout také na stránkách konference.


Papers and presentations

Users and developers are encouraged to present their latest development related to

  • Education & Academia ? Geoinformatics FCE CTU
  • Sensors, Remote Sensing, Laser-scanning
  • Core development of geospatial software
  • Open data access and crisis management
  • Usage of Open Source Software, case studies

Presentations will either fill 30-minute slots with time for questions or 5-minute lightning talks. Proposals can be submitted online at



Workshops are 1.5-3 hour hands-on experiences with participants following along with the instructor, working directly with the application under discussion. All workshop rooms will be equipped a projector, and with computers for participants to use.

Instructors will need to discuss pre-installation requirements with the Conference Organizing Committee if required.

Workshops are expected to require considerable effort to create, with past experience showing that three days of preparation per hour of presentation are required to produce a high quality workshop.

Additionally you will be expected to develop material for attendees to take home with them, such as handouts, workbook, CD-ROMs, etc. Due to the effort involved in producing and presenting a workshop, instructors will receive a single complimentary registration to the conference for delivering a workshop.



Tutorials are 90 minute sessions during the regular presentations portion of the conference. Tutorial rooms will not be equipped with computers. However, presenters may make use of delegate laptops and the FOSS4G LiveDVD. Preference will be given to hands-on tutorials.

Any hands-on aspects to a tutorial will be the responsibility of the presenter and needs to be described in the tutorial description.

All submissions will be considered, but particular interest will be shown in the following topics:

  • Practical Introductions to FOSS4G software
  • Interoperability / Spatial Data Infrastructure, INSPIRE
  • Integration between open and closed source solutions
  • Free and open geospatial data