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Citizen-science Open Data Challenge

Open Data Challenge focusing on citizen-science data has been launched by the WeObserve project.

The Challenge’s ultimate goal is to find new approaches and solutions to respond to environmental challenges through open datasets, as well as to produce applications and services and showcase citizen science data for public benefit. The Challenge will focus on the following seven challenge themes:

  1. Ecosystem monitoring: Phenology, biodiversity and land cover;
  2. Public infrastructure management – Soil Moisture and Drainage, Flood Mapping;
  3. Community-Based Disaster Management: Flood, Fire, Drought, Heatwave Services, Landslide;
  4. Regenerative food growing: yields, sustainable practices and natural pest control;
  5. Pollution monitoring and health: Water quality, air quality;
  6. Engaging young people on open data and climate: Education;
  7. Other: Innovative applications of WeObserve data e.g. COVID19;

Registration will be open up to 15 of June 2020. Participants will be allocated a mentor who will guide them and support them throughout the challenge.

The two winning individuals/teams will be awarded with €5,000 cash each.

In case of interest, please feel free to register.